Hey Everyone,


First of all, welcome back from vacation. It was a whirlwind start to the year and we are excited to release some handy new features and tools for you to use this year with your students.


Hive School - Aerohive (Our wireless company)

Hive School, is now preinstalled for all students and faculty. It is a free program offered by our wireless provider and has many similar features to Peardeck. With Hive School, you can view student screens, close tabs, present your screen or tabs and also if necessary, lock down student screens for a little while. We have recorded a video that goes over the simple setup of Hive School and how to get started. It is very similar to how you set up Google Classroom taking only about ten minutes. I hope you give it a try and if you want a demonstration of the service, please reach out to us and we will assist you. We also have provided a pdf tutorial available here.


Hive School Setup



Clever Badges

Badges are here! Now all students regardless of typing ability will be able to use Single sign on for Clever supported services. Badges work on both Chromebooks and Ipads using QR codes for each student to allow them access. We have included some demonstration videos in the links below. The primary goal is for getting easier access for our TK-1st grade students. To that effort, we have added a new entry to the teacher cheat sheet that goes over how to use newly created accounts for these students. These are designed to be much easier to access and are intended only for students TK-1st. 2nd graders and above should still use their individual accounts.


Badges on Chromebook

Badges on Ipad



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