Escape is the system that houses all of our HR/Payroll & Finances.  You will now have access to look at your personal information in ESCAPE and verify that the information we have is in fact the correct information.

The web address you need to go to is:


  1. Click on the first time user
  2. Enter your oldadobe.orgemail and fill out the rest.  
  3. Password must be a minimum of 12 characters (numbers & special Characters are not needed but recommended)
  4. Once completed, you will receive a box that requires a number.  
  5. You will receive an email stating the code to enter.

Congratulations!!  You should be in.


Once you are officially in the system you can look at all of your information. In the upper left hand corner there is a box that reads My Activities. 

  • Click on this drop down box. Click on My Info On the top of the screen, Section 1-3 shows all of your personal information regarding your home address, phone number, DOH, etc. The bottom section is your Assignments (up to date), Credentials, Education. (Sonya is working on this)
  • Back to My Activities. Click on My Benefits. Here you can see your Leaves and your Health & Welfare The Top section shows your current coverage, your share & District share. Bottom section shows Dependents.
  • Back to My Activities. Click on My Payroll. This one shows your Payroll History. Last Pay Stub, Recent Paychecks (which you can print without having to search your emails), W-2 Statements (can also print) & 1095 Statements- ACA (can also print) Under the Payroll Calculator tab you can play around with your net pay...open Federal or State Tax Withholdings you can change yours to see how it will affect your net pay.  Try changing your allowances by one number, scroll down and you can see what your check will look like with the changes you have made.  Under the Tax/Deduction Setup Change Request you will find the necessary forms needed to change.
  • Back to My Activities. We are not using Documents or Approvals yet.
  • Back to My Activities. Under Settings you can change your password only not your email.

This will help alleviate a lot of the questions you have about your employment with the Old Adobe Union School District.  You will be able to get information immediately instead of waiting for an email or a call back from HR/Payroll. We will direct you to the Employee Portal when any of these question come up.  Please log on as soon as possible and play around in there. 

Please remember that any changes that are made are not valid until Sonya approves them.

We are going live on July 1, 2017.



If you need any additional information please contact Linda at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Sonya at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Payroll Updates

Emergency Pay Proceedures

Temporary Pay Procedures for Displaced Employees of Old Adobe Union School District


Old Adobe Union School District is offering salary advancement to its employees who have been displaced due the massive fire emergency here in Sonoma County. If you need immediate cash before the October 31st pay date, we will advance you up to $1000. We have set the following parameters for this process:


1. You must be an employee of Old Adobe School District. This means you are in a position with the district, not a substitute or a contractor.
2. You must be displaced due to the fire.
3. Please make your request, in writing, this could be either via email, or letter, and submit to the District Office, attention, Dawn Walker.

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Medical Open Enrollment 17/18

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Medical Open Enrollment 16/17

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