Week 9/22 Announcements

September 22, 2021

National Box Top Week!

Did you know it's National Box Top Week?  Well it is!!!  Every little bit makes a difference.  

box top



Picture Day is next week!

La Tercera School Picture Days are October 5th and 6th - we look forward to see all those smiling faces!

Tuesday, October 5th / Martes, 5 Octubre
8:30 am Ms. Wilson, 4th Grade
8:55 am Ms. Jorgensen, TK/K
9:15 am Mrs. Sampietro, K
9:40 am Mrs. Martinez, 5th/6th Grade
10:05 am Mr. Landa, 3rd Grade
10:30 am Mr. Sarter, 2nd/3rd Grade
10:55 am Ms. Kennedy, SCOE

Wednesday, October 6th / Miercoles, 6 Octubre
8:30am Mrs. Paley, 2nd Grade
8:55 am Mrs. Vollert, 1st Grade
9:15 am Mrs. Tassano & Mrs. Schulz, 1st/2nd Grade
9:35 am Ms. Kaku, 5th Grade
9:55 am Mr. Carter, 4th/5th Grade
10:25 am Ms. Rosa/ Ms. Susilo SoCC   and Mr. Bushey, Independent StudyTK-6th Entire district
10:55 am Mrs. Beaudry, 6th Grade

pic day

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