How can I get my child to fall asleep easier at night?

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Our school nights are pretty busy and my child seems to take a long time to unwind. Do you have any tips to help for this?


COUNSELOR RESPONSE:  Establishing a consistent bedtime routine is key. This routine will trigger your childs brain to know it is time to unwind for bed. Even if your nights are busy and you might get home at different times on different days, keep the routine the same. 

*Once your child is in bed, they can practice a calming mindful activity called the "Squeeze and Release". 

1. Lie on back and breath in three, slow, deep breaths.

2. Notice your feet. wiggle your toes. Imagine they have a warm, golden glow. Squeeze the muscles in your feet tight. Hold...and release. 

3. Move yourt attention up your legs. Now they are glowing a warm golden glow. Squeeze your leg muscles tight, hold and release. 

4. Now imagine the warm golden glow moving up your body from part to part. 

5. Slowly squeeze and release each golden body part one at a time-tummy, arms, shoulders, neck and face. 

6. When you finish, take three soft, slow, mindful breaths and feel your body sink into the bed beneath you. Let yourself peacefully drift off to sleep.