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Parent Connection Survey

 Loma Vista Parent Connection Survey (click here to take the survey)

The Parent Connection committee at Loma Vista Immersion Academy would like to hear from you!

 For the previous 4 years, we have worked to bring parent education classes and meetings to our community. We believe that when we, as parents, are educated, informed and part of a supportive community, we are better parents. Our families benefit, resulting in a more cohesive school community and happier, healthier students.

  1. Please take a moment to review the topics that we’ve offered in the previous years, indicating if you have attended.
  2. Then let us know which topics would be of interest to you this year.
  3. Also, please add in any topic(s) that you are interested in knowing more about. Perhaps there is a topic that you’d like to discuss with other parents.

We want to offer evenings that are supportive of your parenting!

  1.  Lastly, we have held the meetings on Thursdays, from 6 - 8 pm, potluck style. Please indicate if you prefer another evening and if the potluck idea is helpful (or not).

Thank you so very much for taking the time to fill out this survey! Involved parents = successful students!