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Chromebook Sign-In Steps

 The following is a step by step procedure to navigate your district assigned Chromebook. Please know that while this video was used with the touchscreen chromebook, the steps will also work with a regular non-touchscreen Chromebook using the touchpad or an optical mouse. Should your Chromebook already have a screen with previous users, and you have satisfied the criteria set forth in the previous steps, you may already go to Step 4.
Step 1: Connecting to Home Wifi (this must always be done first) 

Step 2. Log In With Clever Badge (these steps are mainly designed for the TK thru 1st grade classes)

Step 3. Getting Into the Clever Portal 

Step 4. Signing Out, Signing in Again (this step also applies to when you receive your chromebook for the first time with previous users)


Here is the summary form for logging in (from Vickie Kubeck)

FROM LARRY BLACK (Bellevue Unified School District)