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Illuminate Hot Fixes

There are a number of things you must bear in mind when using Illuminate to ensure maximum accuracy and ease of use.

If you are using a Gradebook:

  • Be mindful of assignment dates and due dates. These are dates that must be manually adjusted, and they are required to fall within the trimester for which you are recording student data. Assignments are linked to assessments which contain the standards on which you are reporting.
  • Be sure to trigger a data link to the report card for each Gradebook you are using.
  • Be careful to link to the correct report card, as there will be more than one report card listed.

If a student is no longer in your class and you need access to his/her report card:

  • Set the enrollment/rostering date to a time when the student was in you class. This is done by adjusting the date in the Control Panel located at the top right of the page.

How to Create a Standards Based Gradebook