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Data Safety

Data Loss Causes Data is the sacred component to any user when working in their respective departments. From time to time, an instance occurs that can, and usually will, impact the data stored on your local machine. In recognition of this, the IT Dept. has offered the quintessential safeguard against data loss....infinite Cloud storage in Google Drive.

Data comes in many, music files, and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, in addition to various data files exclusive to a specific program running on your computer. When an event occurs, unforseen or otherwise (e.g.: an OS upgrade, corrupt hard drive, power surge, theft), if the Google Drive is not the exclusive location of your data, the result will inevitably be lost data! 

Our technology plan places the lion's share of the responsibility on the end user to ensure the safety of data; concurrently, the IT Dept. is adamant about proactively partaking in the safeguarding of your valuable information. To offer some hard and fast rules that will greatly benefit your crusade to secure your data:

1) Leverage the Google Drive environment! If your machine fails, your data is safe. Available to every user is a Google Drive environment where your data will be there waiting for you when your physical machine is altered. Everyone at OAUSD is afforded this data "safe space". A great accessory program to assist you is the Google Drive File Stream application, which will show up as another hard drive on your machine and provide access to your cloud environment. Files that are sitting on your Desktop, in your Program Files, or in your Downloads folder, among other examples, are not being automatically backed up to Google Drive. 

2) Remain knowledgeable of your locally running programs and where your data files are stored in the local file directory. These data files need to be known to you and given the same protection as any other type of document. Google Drive needs to be targeted as the backup location of these data files, and the steps to undertake this task are exclusive to each program. In addition, after an instance mentioned above, your programs need to be reinstalled in your system (e.g.: your Excel files are safe in Google Drive but Excel needs to be reinstalled). This holds true for any specific program. It is important to make the distinction between data files and running programs. The latter is not saved and should always remain on hand ready for a re-installation. 

The IT Dept. is emphatic about exercising great care in your data safety during any kind of conversion process, and we will remain committed to this effort, as we understand the value your data represents. You deserve nothing short of first class treatment while going through the paces of your daily duties. If any question should arise regarding the steps to take to ensure your data is safe, we remain at your immediate disposal.