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***February 22, 2021 Reopening Update

District Progress Towards Reopening - Three Questions and Answers

Happy Monday Old Adobe School District Community! 

QUESTION 1: When OAUSD returns to on-campus hybrid learning, which grade levels will come back to school? Can you tell us more about the classes or cohorts?

ANSWER 1: We will continue to serve all grades Preschool and TK- 6 grades during hybrid on-campus learning.  

  1. We will try our best to keep as many students in their class with their same teacher and peers if at all possible, understanding that continuity is important. however, there is no guarantee that we can accomplish this.
  2. It is possible that a portion of students will remain in distance learning and will need to be supported as it is not expected for a teacher to teach in a simultaneous fashion: distance  learning students and in-person students.
  3. Principals and teachers will create stable group class lists. Stable groups will be prioritized to support siblings. Schools will notify families with their stable group class assignment.

QUESTION 2: What can families do to help the school when we return to on-campus hybrid learning?

ANSWER 2: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  1. We will need extra support in order to make it happen! We have to ensure safety protocols are followed, and this means we will need extra pairs of hands and friendly faces on campus during the hybrid learning times. We need people to help greet students, check them in, supervise play time and make sure they get to class.
  2. All parents who wish to help will become temporary employees of the district and will need to participate in a fingerprinting process and provide proof of a TB test.
  3. You can help! We will provide a paycheck, training, and support. 
  4. Contact your school principal if you are interested.

QUESTION 3: When students return to campus will they be able to eat at school? Will Lunch be served?

ANSWER 3: Meals will continue to be provided on a “grab and go” basis and will not be served at school. Lunch will be provided for students to take home to eat. Students should eat breakfast before coming to school each day.

Reopening Resources

  1. OAUSD 2020-2021 Reopening Plan (Jul. 23, 2020)
  2. Board Resolution on Reopening Criteria (Discussed Feb.11, 2021 and to be discussed on February 25, 2021)

Optional Resources:

  1. CA Dept of Public Health Reopening In-Person Guidance (Jan. 14, 2021)
  2. Sonoma County roadmap to Reopening – Case Data (current data - Feb. 16, 2021)
  3. CDC Plan to Reopen K-12 Schools (Feb. 12, 2021)
  4. SCOE School Staff Vaccination Program (began Feb. 8, 2021)



District Progress Towards Reopening - Five Questions and Answers

Happy Tuesday Old Adobe School District Community!

QUESTION 1: I know that the District is discussing two criteria for reopening schools. One of the criteria is related to COVID-19 transmission rates in Sonoma County and another is related to staff vaccinations. How is it going in these two areas?

ANSWER 1: It is going well. The transmission rates are dropping throughout the county and are currently below the 25 per 100,000 individual case rate.

Vaccinations are also progressing with over 2,200 Sonoma County educators slated to receive vaccinations next week. OAUSD has staff assigned at vaccination clinics to support this effort. Our Kids Care Staff and identified Special Education staff are scheduled to receive their first dose in the next few weeks (depending on supply).

The Board is scheduled to continue the discussion about the reopening criteria at the February 25, 2021 Board Meeting.

QUESTION 2: I keep hearing on social media that Sonoma County schools have completed COVID-19 Safety Plans (CSP) and we have not completed ours. What can you tell me about this?

ANSWER 2: This week, inaccurate information has been shared via social media on this issue. Here are the facts:

  1. We have a Covid-19 Safety Plan in place. All public and private schools in Sonoma County have been waiting for the CSP template to be completed so we could transfer our current plan to the new template. At a county health department meeting, all schools received the new guidance, rubric, template, and training on Thursday, February 2/11/21.
  2. No schools or Districts in Sonoma County (public or private) have completed the updated CSP plan.
  3. The county health department has added 87 (eighty-seven) supplemental questions we have to complete prior to submitting our plans.
  4. The COVID-19 Safety Plan required for school reopening consists of two parts: 
    1. The school safety checklist (must be approved by county health department and state prior to reopening for schools in the “purple tier”)
    2. Covid-19 Prevention Plan (OAUSD current plan link below)
  5. We met with site principals on (February 10th and February 12th) to prepare for this change and provide an opportunity to begin working as a team on the new template.
  6. We will be conducting 2-hour COVID-19 Site Planning Walkthroughs at each school site this week February 16th – February 19th.
  7. We will meet with the teachers and classified associations (OATA - February 19th and CSEA February 25th) to consult with the groups regarding this planning.
  8. We will hold a family and community information night on reopening on February 23rd.
  9. We anticipate sending our CSP to the county by Friday, February 26th.
  10. Elementary (TK-6) schools that wish to reopen in the purple tier need to receive approval on the CSP from county health.
  11. Once we have our plans approved, we will post them for community viewing.

OAUSD COVID-19 Prevention Program (January 28, 2021)

OAUSD Campus/Work Site Safety Protocols (original Aug. 20, 2020, last updated Jan. 14, 2021)

QUESTION 3: What are the next steps with the reopening family survey?

ANSWER 3: The survey will open on February 19, 2021 and will close on February 26, 2021. Please complete the survey. Failure to complete this slows down the process and will make it difficult to plan for a smooth return to on-campus instruction. If you have not already done so, please review the reopening school plan to learn more about the hybrid model using the links below.

Reopening Resources

  1. OAUSD 2020-2021 Reopening Plan (Jul. 23, 2020)
  2. Board Resolution on Reopening Criteria (Discussed Feb.11, 2021 and to be discussed on February 25, 2021)

Optional Resources:

  1. CA Dept of Public Health Reopening In-Person Guidance (Jan. 14, 2021)
  2. Sonoma County roadmap to Reopening – Case Data (current data - Feb. 16, 2021)

QUESTION 4: What about Vaccinations? I keep hearing a lot of information regarding the CDC new guidance on reopening schools. What can you tell me about this?

ANSWER 4: Vaccinations are available to Educators in Sonoma County. CDC released new guidance on reopening schools on February 12, 2021. This week, inaccurate information has been shared via social media on this issue. Here are the facts:

  1. Sonoma County began vaccinating educators on February 8, 2021 using a tiered priority approach to support vaccinating educators with the greatest need. Here is the current group of Employees eligible for vaccination during the week of February 15th:
    1. All school employees age 70 and older regardless of their work assignment.
    2. Staff who currently have direct contact with students.
    3. 1st Cohort of Pre-K-6 staff (of any age) including childcare workers, preschool providers, and K-6 school staff.
  2. Currently, getting vaccinated is strictly voluntary but encouraged and it costs nothing.
  3. The CDC released guidance stating, “Access to vaccination should not be considered a condition for reopening schools for in-person instruction. Even after teachers and staff are vaccinated, schools need to continue mitigation measures for the foreseeable future, including requiring masks in schools and physical distancing.”
  4. Key strategies for reopening include:
    • Universal mask wearing
    • Physical distancing
    • Hand washing
    • Cleaning facilities and improving ventilation
    • Contact tracing, isolation and quarantining protocols

CDC Plan to Reopen K-12 Schools (Feb. 12, 2021)

SCOE School Staff Vaccination Program (began Feb. 8, 2021)


QUESTION 5: Can you share the school schedule for the hybrid model when school reopens to on-campus instruction?

ANSWER 5: Next week, we will be reviewing data for each school in relation to the hybrid model, with the intent of keeping each child with their current home teacher. This may or may not be possible. All information will be communicated to families in a timely manner.

Based on the latest guidance and requirements it is possible that our plan can still change or be revised based on the guidelines.

1. Students will attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday either in a morning or afternoon session of 150 minutes of direct instructional time. Wednesdays will follow a synchronous and asynchronous distance learning format similar to the current daily distance learning schedule.  The 1/2 school days at home will be distance learning to meet the required daily instructional minutes as follows:

  • TK/K                180 minutes per school day
  • 1st-3rd             230 minutes per school day
  • 4th-6th             240 minutes per school day

2. Students and staff will be kept in stable groups that stay together for all activities and minimize/avoid contact with other groups or individuals who are not part of the stable group.

Hybrid Model Morning and Afternoon Stable Groups with possible staggered start times