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(TK-2) PE Activities for 5/18-5/22

Fitness Game

Here are a couple games that are fun and use things you can find around the house.

  1. Fan Favorite
  2. Kicking Chairshoes

Exercise Videos

Stretching is an important part of fitness.  It helps make sure your muscles are strong, healthy, and flexible. Here are some stretching routines you can try out.


(TK - 1) Cosmic Kids Stretch Safari (5 minutes)

(2 - 6) Stretching and Flexibility  - Pilates, Yoga, Balance (16 minutes)


(2 - 6) Beginner Flexibility Routine (16 minutes)


Health and Wellness

Riding a bike is a great way to stay active but its important to be safe.  Here is a video on bike safety.

Bike Safety