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(3-6) PE Activities for 5/11

This week is all about mindfulness and meditation.  Mediation and mindfulness are great ways to relieve stress and anxiety.  Try to complete at least one of the self guided meditation exercises that Ms. Carol put together


Here is a simple, self guided breathing exercise from “The Chopra Center”: 

Guided Meditation: The Balloon

You can do this standing or seated.

  1. Relax your body and begin to take deep inhales and slow exhales through the nose.
  2. Start to take a slow, deep breath to fill your belly up with air, as if you’re trying to blow up a big balloon. Expand your belly as much as you can.
  3. Slowly let the air out of the balloon (through the nose) as you release the breath from the belly.
  4. Feel your entire body relax each time you exhale, each time air is slowly being released from the balloon. You can even make a “hissing” noise to slow down the exhale even more, “Like letting air out of the balloon.”
  5. Continue for several minutes.

If you are here on behalf of a younger child, you can add a little more detail and fun to the exercise to keep them engaged. Younger kids love the extra movement when they’re learning to bring awareness to their breath. Encourage them to stand up in a relaxed way and follow these steps:

  1. Ask them to think of their favorite color and picture a giant balloon of that color in their mind.
  2. Then have them take a slow, deep inhale through the nose, filling up their tummies with air as if trying to blow up a giant [their favorite color] balloon. As an option, you can also have them stretch their arms open and overhead to represent expansion and the big balloon.
  3. When their balloon is totally full, have them hold their breath at the top, and then you can “pop the balloon” for them (gesture finger to belly) and they can fall down as they exhale.

Intro Videos: 

(1st - 4th) Intro to Mindfulness:


(5th - 6th) The Scientific Power of Meditation:

Video Suggestions:

After becoming familiar with the concept of meditation and mindfulness, try out some of these awesome guided practices. There are plenty of options online, find one that interests you!  


(TK - 3) Bulldog Finds His Quiet Place (4 minutes)


(TK - 3) Pokemon Meditation (26 minutes)


(3 - 6) Body Scan Meditation (13 minutes)


(4 - 6) Forest Walk Visualization (10 minutes)


For those who have trouble falling asleep at night, a bedtime guided meditation is a great way to find a sense of calm to send you off to dreamland. 


(TK - 6) 3 Minute Sleep Meditation


(TK - 3) Puppy Palace Sleep Meditation (30 minutes)


(TK - 6) Kids Mindfulness Games for Sleep (19 minutes)



There are also apps you can download to your smartphone or iPad that help with mindfulness practices. Smiling Mind is a free app that is appropriate for all ages and has tons of mindfulness activities and sensory exercises. 



If you would like to keep your meditation technology-free, check out this website that lists tons of different practices you can do with either just your body, or with common items. If you live somewhere quiet, try these outside in the sun! 


10 Easy Meditation Techniques: