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(3-6) PE for April 27 to May 1

Fitness Game

  • Strikerball
    • What you need:  
      • 4 sneakers or shoes
      • Rolled up sock or small ball
    • How to Play
      • Find someone in your family to play with
      • Make 2 goals out of sneakers by spacing Each goal is 6 ft (2 huge steps) wide and 10 ft (3-4 huge steps) apart. (see video for clarification)
      • Using an open hand try to strike the ball along the ground so it goes between the sneakers of the other player.
      • You must remain STANDING while you play
      • If the ball goes up in the air through the goal it does NOT count.
      • First player to 10 points wins

Exercise Videos


Weekly Challenge:

The Batman Workout!


Month of Activity


The start of May on Friday marks the beginning of National Fitness and Sport Month.  Practice a sport you already play or try to find a new one.  I found a sport called Picigin from Croatia that looks like it would be fun to play with family

Health and Wellness

  • Heart and Circulatory System-
    • Read Article
    • Watch Short Movie
    • Take Quiz  
    • (Bonus) do Activity and Word Search
  • Measuring Heart Rate- When measuring Heart Rate use only middle and index fingers. You can count beats for 1 min or you can count for 30sec and multiply by 2. There are several locations on the body you can use to measure.
    • Carotid Artery (Neck)- Place fingers about halfway down the neck, press no gently to the left or right of the windpipe.
    • Radial (Wrist)- Place fingers on the inside of the wrist just below bottom of the thumb.
    • Axillary (Armpit)- Feel on the inside of the upper arm. Place finger between Bicep and tricep muscles, feel just over the humerus (upper arm bone).