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Welcome Back Mountain Lions!

Dear Sonoma Mountain Family,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year at Sonoma Mountain!   I am looking forward to hearing all about our students’ summer adventures, getting caught up with returning families, and connecting with our newest Mountain Lions.

This school year will be ONE for the books!  The time, energy, and love that pours into each and every space on this campus is absolutely incredible.  We will encourage our students to Be the One.  We want our students to be the one to embrace a growth mindset in learning - be the one to give nothing but personal best effort, be the one to persevere to reach a goal, and be the one to take a risk, fail, and try again.  Most importantly, we want our students to be the one to be a great friend - be the one to lend a helping hand, be the one to offer encouragement, be the one to demonstrate kindness and empathy, and be the one to include each and every child in our SoMo Family. 

Access the Welcome Back ROAR here!