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PEF Grants La Tercera Diving Deeper to Soar Beyond the Text Grant

Thanks to the Petaluma Educational Foundation, La Tercera was selected as an Impact Grant winner!  Mrs. Corbett (mostly) and Mrs. Boss wrote a grant to allow for a continuation of our Soaring Through a Series Grant that was awarded last year.  This almost $14,000 grant will allow for adding to the series books in the classrooms, author study libraries for TK/K, supplementary book sets to the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Reading, 6th grade Lucy Calkins reading units, 4th grade Social Studies book sets, and LLI kits to support our youngest students.

As La Tercera continues to grow, and students mature we needed more books that would provide a rich interest in reading.  Students grew immensely last year with the help of PEF's grant, and we are delighted to have received a second grant to continue that growth.  Our school's reading goal this year is 100,000,000 words!  We met our goal last year of 75,000,000 words and know we can reach this year's goal as well!

Thanks for your help PEF!