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    The Old Adobe Union School District strives to develop the full potential of all students. We recognize that some students’ learning needs go beyond the walls of the general education classroom. With that in mind, we offer Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) services. Gifted students typically consistently perform in the top 2% nationally as compared to same-age peers. They are often several grade levels ahead of peers in language &/or math development and need additional academic challenge. A brief description of gifted students is available here. Further resources are listed below. 

    GATE Eligibility & Identification

    Gifted services are provided for identified 4th-6th grade students. All 4th graders and any students new to the district in grades 4-6 are automatically screened for eligibility. Typically, this begins in November.
    GATE students are identified using multiple criteria.

    Students who perform in the top 2% on the following assessments are eligible to be considered for GATE services:

    • Smarter Balanced Assessment ELA
    • Smarter Balanced Assessment Math 
    • STAR Reading
    • STAR Math 
    • ELPAC

    In order for GATE services to be equitable, an important goal is that identified GATE students represent the district demographics as a whole. Consequently, the following additional demographic factors are also reviewed:

    • English Learner Status
    • Socioeconomic factors 
    • Special Education status  
    • Race 
    • Gender 
    • School of attendance 

    Once students are determined to be eligible, teacher input is sought as an additional tool in identifying GATE students.
    Although the district automatically screens students, referrals for screening for GATE eligibility can be made by teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, and the GATE coordinator.

    GATE Services
    4th grade GATE services begin in the spring of the 4th grade year. 5th and 6th grade GATE students are served each fall. GATE classes meet every Monday for 2.5 hours at La Tercera Elementary School. Students ride a district bus to/from GATE class.
    GATE students engage in Project-Based Learning (PBL) with a science and engineering focus. Students learn and apply Design Thinking and the Engineering Process to solve real world problems as small teams. They are challenged to develop their skills in collaboration, research, reading informational text, innovation, and communication. The session culminates in students sharing their work with an authentic audience.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about this year’s program, please contact our Director of Curriculum or GATE teacher: 

    GATE Teacher
    Chelsea Crawford

    Internet Resources for GATE Information