• The OAUSD Child Development Department includes Bright Futures Preschool and the Kids Care Before School Program, After School Program, and Distance Learning Support Program. (Currently the Before School and After School Programs are paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) It is our goal to provide a cohesive education and care experience for OAUSD students and families, in order to support and augment the learning that takes place in the classroom. For many families, this begins with Bright Futures Preschool (BFPS). 

    Located on the Loma Vista Immersion Academy campus, Bright Futures Preschool is a high-quality half-day preschool program funded by the California Department of Education’s Child Development Division. BFPS is a Quality Counts program designed to meet the developmental needs and to support academic readiness in three and four year old children. The goal is to provide preschoolers and their parents the necessary tools needed for wellbeing and success, guided by the California Preschool Learning Foundations, the California Desired Results, and NAEYC’s Four Goals of Anti-Bias Education. Our preschool teachers work closely with OAUSD kindergarten teachers to enhance the preschool curriculum & prepare the children for academic success.

    The Kids Care Before School, After School, and Distance Learning Support Programs provide high quality care, academic support, and enrichment to students in K-6 grade in informal learning settings. Guided by the principals of Self-Determination Theory the program is designed to foster students’ feelings of confidence, creativity, competence, and community. Our Site Managers, Instructional Assistants, and Campus Aides work closely with OAUSD teachers to meet each and every student’s academic, emotional, and behavioral needs using an equity-, trauma-, and PBIS-informed lens. 

    Contact Director of Child Development Rebecca Hachmyer or Preschool Coordinator and Kids Care Secretary Carrie Kent to learn more about the Child Development Department!