• Greetings! First, let me say thank you and wow for the patience, flexibility, and resilience you and your children have shown this year. The Child Development Department-- and the greater OAUSD team-- is working hard to plan our Kids Care programming for the fall. I know how much the Kids Care team has missed the students we were unable to serve this year, and as the new Director of Child Development I look forward to working with your family in the future.

    Intent to Enroll Paperwork: We are now accepting Intent to Enroll paperwork from families who are interested in participating in Kids Care for the 2021/2022 school year. We will begin collecting paperwork from the greater OAUSD community beginning Tuesday May 25th. We regret that this paperwork does not guarantee your child(ren) a spot in the program but you will be waitlisted in the order that this paperwork is received by our office. 

    Where to Get/Where to Submit: In addition to the tabs at the left and below, you can pick up a hard copy of the attached paperwork if needed at one of three locations: the La Tercera Kids Care Building, the Miwok Valley Kids Care Building, and outside of the Front Office at Loma Vista. Please return your paperwork to any of the same three locations.

    Intent to Enroll Packet 2021/2022 in English and Spanish

    One Reg/Medical Form for Each Child: Please fill out a Registration/Medical form for EVERY child you plan to enroll. There are additional copies of this form available at the locations mentioned above and in the link above.

    Enrollment Fee: If you paid a fee back in Spring 2020 it carries over and you do not need to pay another fee. If you had not yet paid an enrollment fee for the upcoming school year, you will need to do so upon acceptance into the program. Thank you!

    We look forward to seeing you and your child(ren) in Fall and wish you a happy, safe, and healthy summer. 



    Rebecca Hachmyer, Director of Child Development 


    About the Kids Care Extended Learning Program 

    The OAUSD Child Development Department includes Bright Futures Preschool and the Kids Care Before School Program, After School Program, and Distance Learning Support Program. (Currently the Before School and After School Programs are paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) It is our goal to provide a cohesive education and care experience for OAUSD students and families, in order to support and augment the learning that takes place in the classroom.

    The Kids Care Before School, After School, and Distance Learning Support Programs provide high quality care, academic support, and enrichment to students in K-6 grade in informal learning settings. Guided by the principals of Self-Determination Theory the program is designed to foster students’ feelings of confidence, creativity, competence, and community. Our Site Managers, Instructional Assistants, and Campus Aides work closely with OAUSD teachers to meet each and every student’s academic, emotional, and behavioral needs using an equity-, trauma-, and PBIS-informed lens. 

    Contact Director of Child Development Rebecca Hachmyer or Preschool Coordinator and Kids Care Program Assistant Carrie Kent to learn more about the Child Development Department and Kids Care!