• Craig Conte, Superintendent  Bond Planning

    Thanks to the Old Adobe Union community voters, the Bond Measure L was passed in the fall of 2018.  The first bond sale occured in March of 2019. Although the bond passage was 38.5 million dollars, bonds are sold in smaller amounts to maximize the dollars generated in the sale of the actual bonds.  Our district credit rating has increased since our last bond measure, Meaasure G was passed in 2012 and our first sale of new bonds generated approximately 12 million dollars. The next sale of bonds will not occur until Spring of 2021. We know that the largest project in our master plan is the modernization of the Old Adobe Elementary campus.  The cost of this work is expected to exceed the revenue generated in the first bond sale and for that reason is scheduled to begin planning in earnest in the fall of 2020. The first major project currently in the planning stage is the replacement of 4 leased temporary portables at Loma Vista and the addition of 4 additional new classrooms on the campus to accommodate increased enrollment.

    The district has signed a contract with TLCD architecture to update the 2012 master plan and design the new classrooms at Loma Vista.  The district has also hired Van Pelt Construction Services, VPCS, to oversee construction projects in the Master Plan. TLCD has done initial footprint design on the Loma Vista campus and the staff and community along with the  board have selected an option from the six footprint options the firm designed. The next phase will be working with TLCD, VPCS, and the community in the design portion of the project. 

    This is always the fun part of the work and the input from the community will help determine the future look of of one of the fastest growing schools in the county!

    Loma Vista Site Plan