• We are excited to share that the Old Adobe Union School District will be utilizing the YouthTruth survey with our students in grades third through sixth, families and staff! The survey will provide insight into the current experience of our students and educational partners.

    The survey window is January 16th - January 27th.

    Student voice matters. Student perceptions are linked to academic outcomes and it’s important to know what our students are experiencing in our schools and classrooms. Through validated survey instruments and tailored advisory services, YouthTruth is partnering with our District to enhance learning for all students.

    On-the-ground insights and survey results will provide the District with the unique perspectives of our students, families and staff as central forces in decision-making and planning to build on our happy and healthy school system to increase academic achievement. It is more important than ever to fully understand our students' perceptions and gain information about their wellbeing. The same can be said for our staff and our families.

    The survey will be available for submissions in mid-January and final results will be available in early Spring. The survey will look at several areas related to student, staff and families' perceptions including:

    Student Survey Areas:

    • Engagement

    • Relationship and Culture

    • Academic Challenge

    • Instructional Methods

    • Belonging

    • Health and Wellbeing

    • Inclusion/ Equity

    Staff Survey Areas:

    • General

    • Culture and Communication

    • Relationships

    • Engagement and Empowerment

    • Professional Development and Support

    Family Survey Areas:

    • General

    • School Culture

    • Engagement and Empowerment

    • Relationships

    • Communication and Feedback

    • School Safety

    • Resources

    Upon completion of the surveys, the District will have access to the collected data in a variety of reporting options and summaries. The data will be sorted in various ways and reports will support our school teams in planning to support the needs of students, families and staff as we build on our healthy school system to increase academic achievement.The survey is completely anonymous, which means no one will know how you answered the questions. Your responses to each question will be combined with the responses of everyone else taking the survey.

    Please begin thinking now about what type of feedback you would like to share - both positive and constructive criticism is useful and valued.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts so that we can better understand your experience. Your voice matters and we are grateful for your feedback.