• SCOE Draft Recovery Planning - 4/21/20

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    Hi Admin Team,
    In advance of our meeting I wanted to share the SCOE document regarding advance planning for the 2020-2021 school year.  See you tomorrow.
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  • Sonoma County Fair Contests - 4/20/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Hi Everyone,
    This might be a creative Distance Learning lesson opportunity for students:
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  • Distance Learning Update - 4/20/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Good Evening,
    I hope that you all have enjoyed a nice weekend, although I have to admit that all the days are seeming to run together and now there is only yesterday, today and tomorrow on the calendar.  Please see the attached update to Distance Learning guidance. Be safe, stay sane, and be patient.  This too will pass.
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  • Article Framing A Group Discussion for the Next County-Wide Supe. Meeting - 4/17/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte

    Schools will likely reopen gradually with physical distancing, San Diego Unified physician says


     "Normality as we knew it" in schools won't return for two years, doctor predicts

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  • Online Training and Classes During Closures - 4/13/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Good Afternoon OAUSD Classified Staff,
    Starting this week you should expect to see 2 to 4 online training courses assigned to you each week during our current school closures.  These classes should take between 30 to 60 minutes each and are well within the current weekly paid hours of your assignment schedule and are required.  However, you may complete them at flexible times that are convenient to you as they are available through the Target Solutions website at any time of the day.  Please check your district email for notifications regarding these assigned trainings. 
    We have carefully considered how we can keep each of you engaged in the important work you do for our students and we hope that you find that the coursework helps build your skills and knowledge base as intended.
    We hope this email finds you safe and well.  We miss seeing all of you everyday and hope that we will all be together before too long.
    Any questions or concerns please email either your site principal or Sonya Wasden in HR.
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  • Department of Health Posting - 4/2/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Hi All,
    Please see attached the posting going up on all district facilities today as required by the Department of Health.  Please note the current school site-wide maximum number of employees at any one time is 10 and the warehouse yard and district office is 4.
    Stay Safe,
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  • Extended School Suspension of In-Person Classes - 4/1/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Hello Everyone,
    The suspension of in-person classes has been extended through the end of 2019-20 school year.  All Old Adobe Union Schools will remain closed to students and the public through the end of the school year.  Messaging will be going out to the community this evening, but I wanted you to have the information first.  Distance Learning Opportunities for students will continue through the end of the instructional calendar on May 29th.  All staff members will continue to receive their regular paychecks as most all, but essential, staff work from home.  Please continue to monitor email daily as we keep you updated on planning, staffing and other changes.
    Below find the complete press release form the County Superintendent:

    Sonoma County Schools Announce that Distance Learning Will Continue Through the End of the School Year

    To reduce the spread of COVID 19, Governor Gavin Newsom and State Superintendent Tony Thurmond advised Wednesday that school should continue to take place via distance learning rather than on school campuses throughout the remainder of the 2019-20 school year in California. Sonoma County schools are responding to this guidance by working extremely hard to ensure quality learning opportunities for students via distance learning through the end of the 2019-20 school year.

    These measures are necessary to help Sonoma County and California “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of COVID-19 so that emergency medical responders have as much time as possible to prepare for an influx of patients and save lives. While children generally are not severely sickened by the illness, they can still spread it to older or immuno-compromised staff or family members.

    Each district will follow their academic calendars for the end of the school year under distance learning conditions. Should the governor’s order end earlier than anticipated, school districts will be flexible and consider resuming classes under the direction of the County Health Officer.

    School districts have been hard at work building robust distance learning programs from the ground up. SCOE has diligently supported these efforts with virtual, county-wide trainings for educators as well as individualized support for school districts. 

    “We want to reassure families that school is not over,” emphasized Herrington. “School districts are deemed an essential community service and will continue to provide distance learning, free meals for students, and many other services.”

    “Since mid-March, school districts have been engaged in the monumental task of building new systems to serve all students remotely, including English learners and those with disabilities,” added Herrington. “Teachers, support staff, and administrators are working long hours to provide students access to their academic education as well as social and emotional support that is vital during these challenging times.”

    As classes  remain suspended, many school districts are offering "grab 'n go" meal service to any child age 18 and under. A map of grab ‘n go lunch locations is available at scoe.org/covid

    Schools and high school seniors also received reassuring news Wednesday when the University of California announced that it will greatly ease some admission requirements for fall 2020, including suspending the letter grade requirement for A-G courses completed in winter/spring/summer 2020 for all students and suspending the standardized test requirement for students applying for fall 2021 freshman admission.

    In-person graduation events and activities are suspended until the social distancing order is lifted. Check with your local district as it relates to graduation events for 2020.

    SCOE recognizes the immense challenges parents and families face in educating children from home. News, information, and resources for families are available and being regularly updated at scoe.org/covid

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  • Important Notice - 3/28/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    To All Old Adobe Employees,

    Yesterday we were informed that a staff member at Loma Vista is presumed positive for COVID 19.  The staff member is symptomatic and has been advised by their doctor that they are presumed positive although they have not been tested yet.  A member of the staff member's immediate family has tested positive and has apparently acquired the virus through community spread at their workplace where others have also tested positive.
    I have instructed all but essential custodial employees who were at the site last week to self-quarantine for 14 days as the staff member was also on campus last week.  Essential custodial staff will thoroughly clean and sanitize the buildings starting Monday.  All district essential custodial staff have been put on an alternate workday schedule starting Monday to minimize social contact. 
    The Loma Vista community were notified yesterday evening through Aeries communication concerning the presumptive positive case on campus.  Department of Health was notified by Nurse Laura yesterday evening.  I notified the County Superintendent by phone yesterday evening also.
    In conversations with site Principals I am instructing all staff that increased shelter in place restrictions need to be set for all but essential services for students and facilities.  Continued distribution of school materials must be restricted.  Please check with site administration and follow their guidance in this regard.  We will continue essential food service operations at Miwok Valley with volunteer support for distribution.  Strict sanitation rules will be followed by volunteers.
    Additionally, I must stress that if you or anyone in your immediate household tests positive or is presumed positive you MUST report this to your site supervisor immediately.  We will report this to DOH and SCOE and I am the district information officer for the district and will be the spokesperson for any release to the media.  We will protect the identity of the employee as required in FERPA and HIPAA. The use of social media to self report a positive result is not acceptable!
    I am appreciative of each and everyone of you in the steps you have taken to support some type of "normal" for our Old Adobe community.  Let's continue to do what we can in that effort while still remaining safe ourselves.  
    Be Well,
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  • Social Distancing and other Guidelines - 3/22/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Good Morning Everyone,

    As we head into this new situation next week I wanted to remind folks of some guidelines if you are coming into your school site tomorrow and also provide a few resources for maintaining personal safety.
    1. Please stay in your areas as much as possible.  If you are gathering materials for students, you may leave them bagged or boxed in your classroom for pickup rather than trying to bring them yourself to a central location.  You may request packing boxes and bags to be delivered and left outside your classroom door.  Small trash bags (although not beautiful) are readily available in large quantities.  We have gallon size zip bags on order, but they may not arrive until after Monday.  Please label your materials to expedite pickup on Tuesday.
    2. If you need to make copies, your site principal should provide you with a sign-up schedule so that you are working by yourself in that area.   Gloves and hand sanitizer will be available in that area, but remember to wash your hands before and after entering common use spaces.
    3. Work with your site principal on Chromebook issuance to students or staff.  We will provide devices to those that need them and have a quick sign out form available in English and Spanish.
    4. Collaborate with your peers while maintaining a safe distance.  Phone extensions for all employees are available on the oldadobe.org Bookmarks on your Chrome browser.  Also you all have the capability to use Google Hangouts or schedule a Google Meet to hold a virtual meeting.  You may invite up to 100 people to your meeting by scheduling using Google Calendar.  I've attached a screenshot to help you and Sloan is actively updating Patch Notes to help you with other technology.  Gina is available in room Miwok Valley Room 1A 765-1164 for help with questions concerning curriculum and Distance Learning resources.
    5. The school offices are off limits to all but essential staff (secretaries and office managers)--I've asked the essential office staff to set up barriers to limit their exposure to others.  Please use the phone to contact them with questions or requests.
    6. Gloves, hand sanitizer and surgical masks will be available for all essential classified employees and those who volunteer to pass out materials or meals in the pickup stations.  Although these safeguards may provide some hygienic barriers, the most important health guidelines stress washing hands and maintaining a 6 foot distance from others.  Attached is social distancing guidance.
    7. Lastly, let's all remember to focus on mental health as well as physical health.  Be flexible, be empathic, presume best intentions of others, and go easy on yourself.
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  • Pay During Closure - 3/20/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Good Morning All,
    I want to assure all classified staff that they will paid per their scheduled days and hours during our shelter in place order. We will be sending information about those employees considered essential who will report to work on Monday. We have been in conversations with CSEA which have delayed some of our communication for which we apologize. 
    Please monitor you district email and Aeries communication notices. All staff communication will be archived on our website oldadobe.org


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  • MOU regarding Distance Learning - 3/17/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Good Afternoon,
    Effective tomorrow, March 18th, Sonoma County will be under  a shelter-in-place order.  OATA representation and I have met today to work on details of working conditions for the foreseeable future or at a minimum, until April 6th.  We will begin Distance Learning for students on Monday, March 23rd.  If you come to school to do any essential work in support of Distance Learning, you must follow the Department of Health guidelines, maintain social distancing, hand sanitation etc.  Otherwise you will work from home to set up your learning opportunities for students.  Please see the guidelines.
    We will be identifying essential personnel to report to work during this emergency as needed to maintain basic operations, maintain facilities and property, as well as provide food services if necessary to students.  
    Please stay safe,
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  • Important--School in-person suspension of Classes Extended - 3/16/20

    Posted by: Craig Conte
    Dear Staff,
    I wanted to give you this message before it went out to the community:
    After meeting with the Sonoma County Department of Health on Monday, March 16th, we have been advised to extend our suspension of in-person classes until Monday, April 6th at a minimum.   All Old Adobe Union Schools will be closed from March 23rd through April 3rd.  We will continue to follow future Department of Health guidelines on reopening dates for our schools.
    Please be advised of future communication as to at-home learning opportunities and other support services for students coming soon. Please be safe, follow health officials guidance, and monitor communications from your school sites.
    We are rethinking having staff report to work on Monday, March 23rd and will be putting out new messaging regarding work requirements during suspension of classes.  In this quickly evolving health-related emergency, our priority is the safety of staff, students and families.  Stay tuned to district email and Aeries communication in order to be fully briefed on the situation.
    Stay Well,
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