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  • Support and Information for Dealing with the Corona Virus Concern



    A Message from the Old Adobe Union School District  School Counselors:


    Hello Old Adobe Union School District Families; 

    This is a message to let you know that you are all in our thoughts during this unexpected and unsure time. 

    Know that during this time you will likely be experiencing a multitude of feelings that may come and go and feel bigger than you would like them to.  Know that all of that is completely normal and to be expected. It is very difficult when we feel as if we do not have complete control of our lives, and that is what many of us are feeling right now. 

    We Understand that the information we are  all receiving about COVID19 is changing daily, and just this rapid pace of information can cause anxiety. 

     Our District Counselors have brought togther ideas and strategies to help you and your family best cope during this time.  Encouraging your children to use some of the tools offered here can help to give them (and you!), a comforting  sense of control during a time when things feel so uncertian. 

    Please feel free to email any of us with your  questions or concerns.  

     On this page you will find a multitude of tips for activities,  strategies for coping and offerings for self care.

    *Please feel free to reach out to us with any particular questions or concerns through on emails on our "Meet The Counselors " page.







    5 Ideas to try while spending time together at home

    1. SHARE stories of your childhood; children love to hear about when their parents were their age!

    2. GET your hands in the dirt if you have a garden or an empty flower pot hanging around. Connecting with nature has a way of taking the mind off negative thinking, reducing anxiety.    Enjoy this video of    NATURE SOUNDS to help you feel instantly relaxed!

    3. PRACTICE mindful breathing together.

    4. ENJOY reading together, discuss what each others books are about. 

    5. CREATE and serve a  meal together. Don't forget the candles!