General Information






    The Student Services Department oversees Special Education, Home and Hospital Instruction,

    Homeless and Foster Youth and Counseling Services.




    Director of Student Services

    Chris Spores


    Specialized Support Teacher

    Sonya Shiffer


    Student Services Secretary

    Donna Clark







    Student Services Office

    1010 St. Francis Dr.

    Petaluma, CA 94954







Student Services Programs

  • Special Education

    Specialized instruction is provided for our school age children who qualify for services as an individual with special needs according to the laws and regulations outlined by the state and federal government. Our services include:

    • Resource Specialist Program

      • The Resource Specialist Program is...
    • Special Day Class

      • There are several types of Special Day Classes: District, SCOE, SoCC (non-intensive preschools), NPS
    •  Full Inclusion

      • The Full Inclusion Program...



    Home and Hospital Instruction


    Home and Hospital Instruction is provided to a student with a temporary disability in the student's home, a hospital or other residential faciility, excluding state hospitals. A temporary disability is defined as physical, mental or emotional disability in which the student can reasonably be expected to return to school. This program allows for conitnuity of instruction during an extended school absence. 


    The OAUSD Home and Hospital Instruction Medical/Mental Health Service Request must be completed and signed by the student's guardian and physician. A minimum of two weeks is required to participate in the Home and Hospital Instruction Program. It is strongly recommended that no student should be placed in this most restrictive environment for longer than 8 weeks. 


    Home and Hospital Instruction shall be provided by teachers with valid California teaching credentials.

    Education Code 48206.3 provides that each hour of home or hospital instruction will count as one day of attendance.



    Homeless and Foster Youth


    Counseling Services



  • Special Education Services

    • Speech and Language

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Adapted Physical Education

    • Visual Impairment

    • Deaf, Hard of Hearing