• Dan Noble, Principal

    Dan Noble has been a professional educator for over 25 years. After a brief time in the software duplication world, Dan spent a summer working at a summer camp at quickly realized working with children was the only way to go. He began running the afternoon computer program at an independent school in Marin County and eventually became the network administrator. During this time, Dan completed his teacher credentialing program and conflict resolution certification at Sonoma State University. When anopportunity to teach first grade at La Tercera opened up, Dan joined the school community for the first time, teaching first grade for seven years. From there, Dan taught 4th grade at Mark Day School, while completing his Masters program at Dominican University. From there, Dan stepped into administration, working in Petaluma and Santa Rosa. It was with great excitement and enthusiasm when Dan had the opportunity to return to La Tercera...this time as principal!