• La Tercera Music Program 2018/19

    TK through Third Grade students enjoy 30 minutes a week music instruction with Mr. Chris Newton.  He plays guitar and sings songs with the students learning the basics of music.

    4th & 5th grade students are learning recorder and singing in choir with Ms. Sadie Sontaag.  They mix up the time during class so they can understand the basics of playing an instrument, reading music, and learning about their voices.  She is the choir teacher at Casa Grande as well as a local musician.  She has a degree in music and the students love learning with her.  They play and sing with Ms. Sontaag for 45 minutes a week.

    6th grade students have a choice between band and choir.  Students separate into band or choir for 45 minutes a week during school.  Band students learn an instrument of their choice.  They are loaned instruments (unless they had their own they wanted to use) and take them home to practice.  Choir students enjoy singing modern and classic songs, reading music, and learning tempo and rhytm.

    La Tercera Music Program 2016/17

    TK and K: Teacher, Andrew DeVeny Andrew is sharing his love of singing and guitar with our youngest LT Eagles. Students are learning the basics of the structure of songs (repetition, rhythm and rhime.)

    1st Graders: Teacher, Barbara Ahron Dance Your Socks Off" is a square dance program that incorporates listening skills, music, cooperation of students with others, learning movement techniques,math skills and becoming experts at dancing. All children are able to accomplish these tasks because the program reaches all children, even those with disabilities. The program also allows children the opportunity to acquire skills that can be applied to other areas in life. Every child in the program becomes an accomplished participant. Aside from this dance program, Barbara also incorporates singing and the learning of folk songs and children's music. Barbara Ahron

    3rd Graders: Teacher, Cody Martin Cody is working with 24 students in a drum circle music setting. They are exploring and developing different skills needed to play music with others. The class requires a great deal student participation. The musical activities give students an opportunity to step forth to take risks and even become leaders in their classroom. They have learned how to follow a steady pulse and play different beat patterns on the drum, all while being aware of what is happening around them. Students have had the opportunity to play djembes, egg shakers, maracas, and tambourines. This class is preparing students for the many challenges that face them when they first step into a band setting.

    4th Graders: Cody Martin These students are learning how to play recorders. Students are taught how to read music notation and then are shown how to play it on their instrument. Counting musical rhythms is a focus in lesson plans. Students learn basic music concepts and symbols such as articulation and dynamics. Cody works with students on what it means to follow a conductor and what they can expect for the following year when they enter band. 5th Graders not taking Band: Cody Martin They participate in a musical drum circle class. This class is available to give students who aren't in band the opportunity to take music. It is very similar as the 3rd grade class, however it explores more difficult musical concepts and more advanced repertoire.

    5th & 6th Grade Band- 40 total students. Students (besides percussion) provide their own instruments playing the Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone or Percussion. Some of the many Techniques learned since August and through the end of the school year include 1) music theory (note & rhythm- reading, writing and dictation) 2) Instrument Pedagogy (technique, embouchure, posture & fingerings) 3) Goals- performances at schools and community events, increase student numbers year to year, students will be able to read grade 1-1.5 music).