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RFP Questions and Answers

  • Can you also elaborate on the final selection process, what criteria will be used in making the final selection. Are there any challenges you are encountering today with your copy/print environment that you would like to address when you enter into a new solution.

    The final selection process will compare our RFP requirements to the information provided by each vendor. No, we don't have any challenges at this time with our current environment. 

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  • Regarding the printer requirements, are the requirements the same for all identified placement; such as workroom and small copy area. Are there space limitations we need to consider when providing our proposal? 

    No, we have large copiers in all the areas and the new locations should be able to accommodate those same size machines. 

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  • Page 4, #9 Copy Machine Supplies excludes staples.

    Page 6, #18 Maintenance Agreement Pricing includes staples.

    Which one is correct? 

    Yes, staples should be included. 

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  • Page 3, #4 Rate Increase states no increase allowed during the contract term.

    Page6, #18 Maintenance Agreement Pricing allows for a 2% annual increase.

    Which is correct? 

    Pg3 #14 refers just to the equipment lease agreement. 

    Pg  6, #18 refers to the separate maintenance agreement

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  • Are walkthroughs for site surveys available to schedule? 

    No, we are not scheduling any walkthroughs. 

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  • Can you please provide monthly or quarterly print volumes for a service quote?  

    The average volume for the 3 months (1/22/2203 - 4/21/2023 ) was 291,979. 

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