• Every April, the sixth graders in the district gather for an outdoor education camp--now held at Camp Royaneh, a Boy Scouts Camp one hour north of Petaluma--to celebrate the end of their elementary school years and kick-off their junior high experience.

    Camp is dedicated to inspiring and enriching the lives that come to it by providing a plethora of outdoor experiences such as hikes and Capture the Flag and building trust with group games and trust falls.

    Staffed by dedicated counselors and teachers, 6th Grade Camp is a truly important and memorable experience.

The Hill

    • Counselor to Camper Ratio
    • Sleeping Arrangements
    • Shower & Restrooms

Week of Camp

    • Week of Camp Timeline
    • Camp Day Schedule
    • Camper Day Groups
    • Day Activities

Health & Safety

    • Safety
    • Bedtimes
    • Nurse's Station
    • Food & Diet

Camp Evenings

    • Camp Shows
    • Camp Dances
    • Night Hikes
    • Camper Freetime