Parent Resources

  • On Saturday, April 20th, your child will be able to participate in the annual outdoor education camp conducted by the Old Adobe Union School District. The six-day camp is held at Camp Royaneh in Cazadero, Sonoma County.

    Considerable planning, fundraising, and discussion go into our preparations for camp, and this year is no exception. Your child is one of over 300 students who have sold gift wraps, washed cars, sold chocolates, and participated in other fund-raisers in order to make camp possible. The outdoor education program wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the families of our district. We thank you and hope to make camp a very positive experience for your child.


    Camp 2024 Dates

    Wednesday, 2/28/24 Parent Information Night—Sonoma Mtn. 6:30pm
    Thursday 4/18/24 Luggage Loading—La Tercera 3:30-6 pm
    Saturday 4/20/24 Student Bus Loading—La Tercera 3:00 pm
    4/20/24—4/26/24 Camp Royaneh Program Dates
    Friday 4/26/24 Student Bus Return—Petaluma Community Center 1:00 pm


    Camper Forms

    Parents visit this page to view and download the forms you'll need to send your 6th grader to camp!

    Camper Travel

    Packing lists and helpful travel tips for you and your camper!

    Communication & Visiting Camp

    Tips to prepare your camper and support your camper before, during and after their 6th grade camp experience!

    Camper Health and Safety

    Helpful information regarding the nurse's station and medical attention for your camper!