What parents are saying about Sonoma Mountain Elementary Charter School...

  • The decision to attend Sonoma Mountain Charter continues to be one of the best decisions we have made for our family. Having multiple kids, finding a "one stop shop" school that would tend to the uniqueness of each of our children's hearts, seemed a daunting task. But, Sonoma Mountain has exceeded our expectations! SOMO has a gift of drawing out the best in our kids while encouraging them to take on new challenges with confidence. The teachers and staff truly love and care for their students and are a prime example of a stellar leadership team committed to setting our kids up for success, while teaching them to be kind, responsible, respectful, safe, and inclusive of others. I am in constant awe of how much and how fast my kids are learning everyday with the solid educational curriculum set up for them. My kids light up when they talk about their school and for them, summer break is WAY too long (and whoever heard of a kid saying that?!)! So proud to be a Mountain Lion family!---Danielle & Brian Swanson 


    Sonoma Mountain Elementary is the place to be! I’ve been a member of this community since my oldest child started kindergarten in 2014. I can constantly feel the love and effort that the teachers put into the school days- there are learning opportunities galore, and fun around every corner. My children have always been eager to come to school! Families, staff, and students at SoMo all support each other and care for themselves, their school, and the community around them. With additional focuses on music, art, and social emotional wellness, the SoMo student truly emerges well rounded and ready for the next step in their lives as they enter their teen years. I am so thankful that we chose Sonoma Mountain and my kids couldn’t be happier.---Rachel Boenisch


    They say “it takes a village” and that is exactly what we found at Sonoma Mountain Elementary Charter (lovingly known as SoMo). I still remember the first day my son stepped foot on campus. Ms. Gruber so kindly invited him to take a look around her classroom, even though school hadn’t started yet. He felt immediately welcomed! A sense of belonging is nurtured by all, individuality is celebrated, kindness is revered, and one doesn’t need to look far to find support or a personal cheerleader. SoMo is a place where kids are encouraged to make mistakes in the spirit of learning – and can feel 100% comfortable in doing so.---Sylke Anderson


    We are proud to be part of the Sonoma Mountain community. We are confident that our children are supported scholastically and emotionally by the teachers and staff at Sonoma Mountain, and this relationship extends beyond students, to parents and caregivers alike. Community is clearly at the root of Sonoma Mountain’s values. It is wonderful as a parent to share in our children’s educational experience with on-campus opportunities such as before and after-school time in the library, school-wide community gatherings and events, as well as volunteer opportunities in each classroom. Even through the challenges of distance learning, our children were where they needed to be scholastically, which is a true testament to the dedication of Sonoma Mountain’s teachers, staff, and leadership. As we have moved back into traditional school attendance, our children’s educational path remains on track. Sonoma Mountain also offers many events we can share with our children, some of our favorites being Art Adventure Week, artists in residence, the annual Fall Festival and the community book read. We look forward to the years ahead and will cherish the memories made as a Sonoma Mountain family.---Brian and Christina McBride