Volunteer Opportunities

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  • In order for volunteers to be cleared to work on campus for specific, scheduled events or campus support they must fill out a Volunteer Application.
    See the District Volunteer Information Page for the more current requirements

    We truly appreciate our volunteers!


  • We are excited to welcome back essential volunteers on campus. You will need to turn in your clearance prior to coming on campus. (See below how to get started)
    We are looking for the following Volunteers.

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    Book Exchange

    Date: End of May, Shopping May 31st 

    Duties: Help organize the books that were donated. Monitor and help students while looking for books to pick

    Benefits:Provide summer reading materials



    Ice Cream Fridays

    Date(s): Fridays - beginning 09/01/23

    Duties: Note: The Board has purchased an initial stock of “Smart Snack” approved treats. The committee chair will be responsible for researching and pricing treats that fit within the OAUSD Wellness Policy guidelines. They will then present the costs to the Board for approval and can order and/or pick up the approved treats.  The Chair will also organize volunteers for purchase/stocking duties & to assist with sales on Ice Cream Fridays after school. 

    Benefits: Building Community

    Chair: Lori Walker

    Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0849AEAF2EA2F4C52-45364423-popsicle/80533873#/


    Staff Birthdays

    Date: Ongoing as needed

    • List of birthdays will be provided)

    Help Needed: Provide a Card and treat to celebrate the staff's birthday.

    Benefits: Showing support for our team by celebrating our wonderful staff and their special days.


    Monthly Staff Appreciation 

    Date: Bi- Monthly

    Duties: Creation of a fun or themed menu.  Creation of Sign Up Genius or Google Spreadsheet to assist with recruiting volunteers to donate needed food items, set up on the day of, and clean up.  

    • Note: These events are easily manageable through online group sign ups 

    Benefits: Showing Teachers & Staff  a small token of our appreciation with a treat, small breakfast or small lunch every other month.



    Holiday Giving Tree

    Date: December 2023

    Duties: Planning and coordinating all aspects of the Giving Tree Event including; coordinating with Ms. Ruby to set up the tree & pick up family request hearts. Publicizing & requesting donations from OA families, purchasing wrapping paper, monitoring the tree (to make sure all hearts are fulfilled), & organization of  volunteers to wrap gifts, & coordinating delivery of the gifts (with Ms. Ruby) before Winter Break.

    Benefits: Teaching Old Adobe students to be active & caring community  members to those in need.

    Chair: Carla Reece



    After-School Enrichment

    Date: Ongoing as needed

    Help Needed: Reach out to organizations that offer student programs, plan/schedule those programs to come to OA to offer classes after school I.E.- Chess, Piano, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Basketball etc. 

    Benefits: Provides a variety of enrichment opportunities to students 




    Talent Show

    Date: April TBD

    Duties: Assisting children with an in person  performance, props, stage, setup/design, planning and organization, show production setup/cleanup. Tie in a virtual show for students who cant do their talent at school. 

    Benefits: Help produce a fabulous event that showcases our kids talents and enthusiasm.  This event is a HUGE hit with kids of ALL grades!

    Chair: Mallory Loewenthal



    Food Drive/Warm Coat Drive

    Date: November 2023/January 2024


    • Thanksgiving Food Drive 

    • January Warm Coat Drive

    Benefits: Help our kids become active, caring members of the community

    Chair: OA Girl Scout Troops (Cristina Letsch)



    Story Nights/Book Fair


    • Fall Book Fair & Story Night TBD

    • Spring Book Fair & Story Night TBD  

    Duties: Working in conjunction with the Librarian to schedule volunteers to set up, work, and take down the Book Fair.  Coordinate Story Night location, snacks, including prep & clean up as librarian requests.

    Benefits: This is a fundraiser with a give back!  An OA beloved community event; story night with our Librarian. Building a stronger sense of community while learning and loving literature.




    Charleston Wrapping Paper Sale

    Date: September

    Duties: Distribute Charleston Wrapping Paper sales forms to teachers boxes, receive orders and verify deposits.  Place orders online and help distribute to students upon arrival.  

    Note: Orders come delivered in packages by student and class!  

    Benefits:This is a fundraiser

    Chair: Dana Mallozzi



    Spring Auction 

    Date:  MAY TBD

    Duties: Join the Spring Auction committee!  Help coordinate, decorate, 

    request donations, and more!  This committee has the most fun planning and putting on the best adult only fundraising event of the year!  

    Benefits:Our largest fundraiser of the year supports so many activities and 

    events throughout the school year!  





    Running Club

    Date: Wednesdays during lunches (beginning 08/31/22)

    • Schedule of class lunch breaks: TBD

    Duties: The Chair will manage all aspects of the OA Running Club including:

    Attending each weekly meeting and providing students with a stretching routine & assistance while running during lunch recesses.   Coordinating volunteers for scanning badges & passing out charms for miles. Printing reports & organizing rewards at the end of the year. 

    • If needed -Soliciting Sponsors for shirts

    Benefits: Fostering healthy habits along with utilizing our track (that the students/families helped to build).  Training for East Side Relays & National Fitness testing.


    Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508044FA4AA2AA6FA7-oarunning/58239957#/



    Date: TBD (ongoing all year until submission deadline)

    Duties: Review submitted photos, create and format yearbook pages & submit to Steven Yeager prior to deadline. 

    Benefits: Creating memories for our community. 

    Chair: Alicia O'Leary


    Holiday Store 

    Date: Dec 13th-18th

    Duties: Working with the 6th grade students to prep, decorate, set up, run, & clean up the holiday store.  Recruit volunteers for set up, working shifts, wrapping, clean up, shopping (if needed) through sign ups.  Shop after holiday sales for the following years’ store.  

    Benefits:This is a fundraiser and a festive community event giving all students the opportunity to learn about handling money.  6th graders will  learn how to handle money while also working the floor (i.e wrapping gifts or helping younger students), and providing excellent customer service to each student shopper as well as parent volunteers.



    Spirit Wear Merchandise

    Date: Ongoing as needed

    Duties: Create order form, fill orders, track inventory,  distribute merchandise, & place retail orders as needed to replenish stock.

    Benefits:This is a fundraiser & students and families can show their OA spirit by rocking some schwag!



    Staff Appreciation Week

    Date: May 6th - 10th

    Duties Planning of Staff Appreciation Week including creation of a list of  daily activities that families can participate in to show their appreciation. PTO President plans Friday luncheon on the minimum day. 

    Benefits: Showing appreciation to our staff.




    Date: Feb 26th- March 3rd

    Duties:Create project plan/budget, set up the website; promoting the event with flyers (any other ideas to promote & create enthusiasm), hype up the reading (& fundraising) during the active reading days, order prizes, collect donations, sort rewards earned by students, plan reward ceremony in conjunction with the Principal to distribute rewards & acknowledge top read

    Benefits:This is a fundraiser that promotes cultivating the joy of reading for our students.


    Co- Chair:  Cristina Letsch


    Art to Remember Fundraiser

    Date: Specific Dates TBD

    • (Loose timeline- Artwork creation-Jan, Artwork submission-Feb, Artwork orders due-April, Artwork arrives at OA-May)

    Duties: Working in conjunction with the Art Teacher to determine the student project for creation, setting up the website, & promoting the event with flyers (any other ideas to promote & create enthusiasm).   After the art lesson is completed, pick up and label each student art piece & submit to the vendor.  Upon arrival, distribute orders to students.

    Benefits:By focusing on our Arts Charter through student artwork, we will increase the likelihood to receive additional “arts” funding.  Also turning student artwork  into masterpieces printed on items that can be given as gifts


    Co- Chair:   Cristina Letsch


    Bingo Night

    Date: January 23rd

    Duties:Collect prizes, get bingo boards & markers, organize volunteers, set plans for games & prizes, call numbers & distribute prizes

    Benefits: This is a community giveback event that allows families in the community to get together and socialize, network, & have fun!


    Movie Night

    Date: March 22nd

    Duties: Pick a family friendly movie, set up/clean up the movie screen (inflatable screen available) purchase and get volunteers to help with concessions- popcorn,candy, etc.

    Benefits: This is a community giveback event that allows families in the community to get together and socialize, network, & have fun!


    Campus Beautification

    Date: TBD in Sept, Nov. & April

    Duties:In conjunction with the Garden Teacher (Ms. Lucy), determine areas most in need of support and create volunteer sign ups to facilitate the work.  

    • Ideas: pick up trash, pull weeds, plant new items, till the land, add mulch, paint, build raised beds, etc.

    Benefits:By investing in the way our school looks, we are able to honor our community with 5-star events to celebrate Old Adobe Charter! (aka. Keeping our campus looking good, makes us look good).

    Chair: Lucy Markavich


    Fall Festival

    Date: Saturday Oct 14th 11:00am- 2:00pm

    Duties:Each grade/class will run a game for kids to play. Organize Sign up to get volunteers, prizes, food, Upper grade (⅚th create haunted house and help) 

    Benefits: This is a giveback event to build community and thank families for their support.



    End of Year Testing Snacks & Goodies

    Date: May TBD

    Duties: Collect, organize, pass out snacks/ goodie like a pencil for 3rd-6th graders during testing. Reach out to Sonoma Marin produce for fresh fruit donation. 

    Benefits:Provide encouragement and Relieve the stress of testing.



    Field Day

    Date: 06/06/23 (last day of school)

    Duties:Coordinate volunteers to organize, set-up, run, & clean up outdoor game stations for all students.

    Benefits: This is a community give back to create a memorable and fun last day of the 2022-23 school year.

    Chair: Mallory Loewenthal


    Lost & Found 

    Date: on going all year long

    Duties: Bi Weekly (date of your choice, maybe a Friday) help lay out lost and found item on the pick up line fence and return unclaimed items at the end of the day. Look to see if any have names on items and help return to the student’s classroom. Chair send reminders to volunteers when its their week. 

    Benefits: Help return missing items


    Garden Planning Committee 

    Need: 10 Members (or more!)

    Time Commitment: Year long communication with specific contribution based on garden needs 

    Duties: Guided by the Committee Chair, committee members will support garden upkeep and events through planning, volunteering, gathering supplies, etc. Committee members will be stewards of the garden needs, projects, and special class projects throughout the year. These efforts will assure a vibrant garden classroom for our OA students.

    Chair: Lucy Markovich


    Dine & Donates

    Time Commitment: on-going, 1 per month

    Duties: Set -up a donation event  within the community like restaurants, Cal-Skate etc.

    Benefit: Connect with our Petaluma community, supporting businesses as they support our school



    BBQ Dinner Fundraiser(s)

    Date: TBD 

    Duties: Coordination of volunteers to do the following before/during/after BBQ Dinner.

    Pricing products & establishing cost per meal (discuss with PTO Board).  Shopping prior to event.  BBQ’ing or cooking/making sides.  Assembling meals or take home kits.  Clean up.

    Benefits:Fundraising event.