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Volunteer Opportunities

  • We are excited to welcome back essential volunteers on campus. You will need to turn in your clearance prior to coming on campus. (See below how to get started)
    We are looking for the following Volunteers:

    • TK/K arrival and dismissal (8:10-8:30 and 2:55-3:15 M,T,Th, F, and 1:40-2:00 W)
    • Recess Game organizer (10-11am recess, 12:10-1:25 lunch recess)
    • Running Club help for Angie (the position was advertised for the year, so the district will continue to pay for the one position)
    • Library book reshelving (mornings - times/dates are flexible)


    In order for volunteers to be cleared to work on campus for specific, scheduled events or campus support they must: