• Home and Hospital Instruction

    Students enrolled in Old Adobe Union School District that develop a temporary health issue  lasting from three to eight weeks are eligible to apply for Home and Hospital instruction. The purpose of home and hospital instruction is to provide instruction to a student with a temporary disability in the student’s home or in a hospital or other residential health facility, excluding state hospitals. A temporary disability does not include a disability for which a student is identified as an individual with exceptional needs pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 56026.

    A temporary disability is defined as a physical, mental or emotional disability incurred while a student is enrolled in regular day classes or an alternative education program, and after which the student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or the alternative education program without special intervention.

    Home and Hospital instruction is not intended as a general independent study program. And reevaluation of a student’s health condition is required from the student’s physician after eight (8) weeks of Home and Hospital instruction. 

    Any requests for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to participate in Home and Hospital must be approved through a “placement IEP” that is held with the student’s IEP team. All requests for students with 504 Plans also must be approved by the student’s school 504 team.

    Students not enrolled in Old Adobe Union School District who are receiving inpatient treatment at a facility located within the district attendance areas are eligible to apply for Home and Hospital services.

    If you have questions or you think your child may be eligible for Home and Hospital instruction, please contact the Director of Student Services at (707) 765-4319.


    CDE Home and Hospital Instruction