• The OAUSD School Counseling program plays an integral role in preparing and assisting students to be successful, lifelong learners. School counselors, in collaboration with other members of the student’s school team, assist students in making decisions, managing emotions, coping with crises, overcoming barriers to learning and accessing the core curriculum. Counselors help students set short-term and long-term goals, improve attendance, reduce and resolve conflicts and support prosocial behavior. As part of each school site’s team, our school counselors work to create positive learning environments, teach self-management skills and act as advocates for all students. School counselors are trained educators possessing a valid credential with a specialization in pupil personnel services. As specialists in child and adolescent development, school counselors coordinate the objectives, strategies, and activities of a comprehensive counseling program.

    Your OAUSD Counseling Team: 

    Kim Buksa, MFT,  kbuksa@oldadobe.org 
    Sonoma Mountain Elementary Charter School

    Karen Clem, MA PPS, kclem@oldadobe.org Loma Vista Immersion Academy

    Tara Hayes, MA PPS, thayes@oldadobe.org Miwok Valley Elementary Charter School

    Beki Long, MA, PPS, blong@oldadobe.org La Tercera STEM Elementary & Sonoma Mountain Elementary Charter School

    Becky Toft, MS, LMFT, rtoft@oldadobe.org Loma Vista Immersion Academy

  •  Support Hotlines

    • 24 hr. Mental Health Services 707-576-8181
    • Runaway Support Line 1-800-RUNAWAY
    • Social Advocates for Youth 1-888-729-0012
    • Suicide Prevention 1-855-587-6373
    • Verity (Trauma) 707-545-7273
    • Teen Crisis Text Line 741-741, text HOME