• Grants that have been submitted recently…Keep your fingers crossed! 

    Braitmeyer Foundation ($35,000)- This grant would fund professional development (PD) in all areas of STEM. If we receive funding, it will allow La Tercera teachers from Transitional Kindergarten (TK) to sixth grade exposure to the most relevant curriculum. Science PD through customized training from the Lawrence Hall of Science, Technology PD through attending Google Summits, Engineering PD through Makerspace training from our County Office of Education, and Mathematics PD through a math consultant in the Bridges math program will provide our teachers and students the exposure to 21st Century Learning that will ensure college and career readiness. Ultimately, we will incorporate our STEM learning into the development and revision of Project Based Learning (PBL) units.

    Here is the grant timeline:

    • Letters of Inquiry (35K) Accepted: February 1st to March 15, 2016 (midnight)
    • Site Visits (if selected): October – January
    • Notification to Applicants Requesting 35K: March 15th, 2017

    McCarthey Dressman Foundation ($30,000)- This grant would fund teachers, Principal, and TOSA attendance at the CA STEM Symposium for three consecutive years. By attending the same conference over time, we will be able to make connections and collaborate with other STEM educators throughout the state. Continued STEM learning will allow our teachers to provide La Tercera students with the most relevant STEM education. We will be notified on July 15, 2016.

    We are the proud recipients of the following grants: 

    NEA Learning and Leadership Grant- $5000

    Awarded Fall 2015

    Grant summary: La Tercera Elementary teachers will design three Project Based Learning (PBL) units per grade level. As a school, we will focus on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as the foundation for our units. The units will create a grade-to-grade alignment of the standards. Each unit will include Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as we are the first STEM focused elementary school in our county.

    Funding utilized to: Provide follow-up training for teachers with our consultant from the Buck Institute for Education

    Lowe’s Toolbox For Education Grant- $4350

    Awarded Spring 2015

    Grant summary: We plan to open a Makerspace at La Tercera Elementary. We are the first Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) focused elementary school in Sonoma County. This space will allow or students to focus their creativity into project based, hands-on learning.

    Funding utilized to: Purchase Makerspace materials.

    Whole Foods Garden Grant-$2000

    Awarded Spring 2015 

    Grant summary: Our goal for the garden is to start developing programs that provide opportunities for students to be involved in the garden. This year, we will achieve this through our after school garden club. We would also like to develop a connection between the garden and our school cafeteria.

    This grant will make it possible for us to develop a composting system, which will help reduce the amount of food waste produced from school lunches. This grant will also allow us to replace the soil in many of our existing garden beds in order to remove the invasive Bermuda grass from these beds.