Current families and even years later, our parents and former students have fond memories of

     La Tercera Elementary…

    We are so glad that our daughter attends La Tercera.   The teachers, principal and administrative staff are all wonderful and so dedicated.  Our daughter has thrived under the well-structured curriculum that while emphasizing STEM also fosters her emotional and social well being in a creative, caring and fun atmosphere.  Rachel Starr

     I like the positive environment at La Tercera. The parents and staff are super friendly! My daughter loves her teacher Ms. Jorgensen, who is an Awesome Teacher!!!! She makes her TK class super FUN for her students. Thank you. Erica Briceno

    I knew La Tercera was the right fit for my family within the first few weeks of school.  You can't help but smile when you are here because you see staff and students thriving  in a healthy  and  enriching environment.  I find the STEM focus and Project Based Learning a refreshing change from the traditional curriculum.  I feel good about sending my son here and look forward to having my daughter join him next year. Katie Sellman, mother of current K student

    My name is Michelle Noto and my daughter Grace Noto is a Kindergartner at La Tercera.  I cant even put into words how amazing Principal Hodge is.  The whole school experience has been great so far but Mrs Hodge is truly the reason we chose LT.  She is the most dedicated, hard working, down to earth, available principal I have ever met. ( I have a son who graduated high school last year) (I have had my share of principals) :)  We toured 3 elementary schools in the search for the right one for us and met the principals.  We came back to LT with absolute assurance that this was the school for us.  It was all based on Michele Hodge.  We didnt even know our teacher yet!  As we have become part of the LT family we see that the whole school is made up of amazing people!  We love La Tercera!!  

    All three of my daughters found their best friend in kindergarten at LaTercera. My oldest daughter is in college now and she still has the same best friend. I am so grateful to the teachers, staff, and parents for creating a environment that supports building meaningful and I hope life long relationships. Thank you LT!

    ~Sharon Ban mother of current 6th grader


    The staff at LT is AMAZING! We love the STEM focus and the way everyone works together to create a positive learning environment for our kids. Kelli Whyte, mother of 5th and 6th grader

    I love the diversity of our school. I have learned so much from my students and their families over the years. Our staff is hard-working and everyone from office staff, support staff, teachers to the principal really wants to do their best for our students. Sue Paley, 3rd grade teacher

    We moved from Novato to Petaluma right before the start of the school year and we are so happy we found La Tercera. My daughter was excited about her class and teacher from the first day. It made the move so much easier on her. I love that La Tercera has a STEM focus. It's the perfect fit for my daughter.   Joy Horn, mother 1st grader

    La Tercera School has been a fantastic change for my son, I moved him from another school this year. It was the best move I have made for my child. He has really started to excel with his reading and math. Thank you for nurturing my son’s awesome young mind.

    ~ Sharon Walters, mother of  2nd grader.


    Three years ago my husband and I were ready to make a change for our two sons.  We had been in a near by school district, and we were really disappointed with the learning environment.  It was then that a friend told us about La Tercera.  She had raised her daughter in the school, and she had wonderful things to say about both the staff and the overall environment.  My husband and I came down and took a look at the school.  We really liked that the school was a bit smaller, and that the teachers seemed really involved.  So, we decided to make the move, and I have been thankful that we did ever since.  I could go on and on about how much we love our school, but I will try to keep it short.  The teachers are not just teachers, they are really amazing humans, and truly outstanding mentors for young people.   Our school has really taken on a new identity over the last few years.  The changes aren't just limited to the remodel that we had over the summer.  We have a new principal, a teacher on special assignment (worthy of being teacher of the year) that is supporting us, and we are very proud to be a STEM school. I encourage you to come check us out.

Tina Malouf- mother of 6th grade

    I had anxiety sending my Australian children to an American school when my family moved here, but soon realized what an amazing school La Tercera is when all 4 of my kids loved their teachers and never had a problem fitting in. It is hard to decide what is best about the school, but the teachers are an exceptional group of caring, loving people.

    -Mickey Ward, former parent

    La Tercera gave me my happiest childhood memories!! Even though 10 years have passed, my former teachers still feel like family to me. I love you, LT! -Liya Losyev, former student

    La Tercera’s inspiring teachers and staff made it a memorable learning experience. Currently, my younger sisters have the privilege of being part of the La Tercera community of dedicated teachers and parents.

    ~Lesly Caballero, former student

    The teachers, staff and parents at La Tercera make the school great. The teachers are motivated, dedicated, innovative, and creative. They figure out a way to sneak a science activity during a cooking lesson or birthday celebration. They get their students excited about learning and know how to motivate their students beyond the covers of a book. The staff is friendly, helpful, and caring. The parents at LT are united as a community. I am still great friends with a lot of families whose children attended this school. -Eileen Marshall, former parent

    The teachers at La Tercera are truly dedicated to the students they teach! They strive to give their students, every day, the tools they need to be successful in school and in life! -Julie Gatti, former parent

    My grandson had some of the best teachers in the world at La Tercera! They are caring, pay close attention to the needs of each student and are innovative in their instruction! -Lis Kuersten, former grandparent

    La Tercera was the elementary school I transferred to as a tiny third grader. I am forever grateful for the teachers that gifted me the friendships I made that have lasted into my adulthood and I am grateful for the adult I am today thanks to this incredible elementary school.

    ~Emily Maynard, former student