• Toolbox is a K-6 curriculum that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social and academic success. Children learn 12 simple yet powerful Tools. With practice these tools become valuable personal skills:  self-awareness, self-management and relationship skills; these in turn foster responsible decision-making.  Because the techniques are simple and the language is shared, children adopt the tools and master them quickly.

    Toolbox starts with each child, building self-knowledge and self-mastery; it soon improves empathy and communication and helps resolve conflicts in the classroom, playground and whole school community.  Children naturally take these Tools home improving family and home life.  Watch the video here:  What is the Toolbox Program?


    Toolbox Resources for Parents

    Refridgerator Copy of the Toolbox Tools | English / Spanish

    What is Toolbox? Parent Handout | English / Spansih