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    It is an honor to have this opportunity to make this year a unique and valuable experience for Miwok Valley families. I am very excited to start the 2023-2024 academic school year, my focus is on building relationships and bringing together all stakeholder- students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members. With your active support and cooperation, in conjunction with our professional efforts, will ensure academic success for your students.

    Our school mission and highest priority is the quality education of our students so that they may be better equipped to achieve their life's goals and desires. At Miwok Valley Elementary Charter we nurture our students, help build life-long friendships, and empower them to be independent and responsible thinkers, giving them skills to become citizens that can impact the world around them in a positive manner. 

    This upcoming academic year will be my first year with OAUSD. However, my administrative/principal journey began in 2014, as an assistant principal at Ocala Middle School in east side San Jose, CA. I helped transform Ocala into what is now known as Ocala STEAM Academy. I served at OCALA for two (2) years, while supporting an exemplary set of educators in order to develop the campus into a state of the art academic facility. Ocala STEAM Academy hosts programs including MESA, AVID, Curated Pathways, and tech partnership. While focusing on improving the school culture through Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). This past academic year (2022-2023) I served as principal at Joseph George Middle School, a visual and performing academy and a California Distinguished School.

    In addition, I also served six (6) years as Principal at Cesar Chavez Elementary (2016-2022 academic years). I am pressed to highlight that we transformed Cesar Chavez Elementary by focusing on ways to better serve our students through the following:

    • Specialization
    • Guided Reading
    • Balance Literary throughout all content areas
    • Integration of Code to the Future, a computer science immersion program.
    • PBIS – Silver and Gold Awards Recognition (state level)
    • Restorative Justice Practices
    • Incorporating YOUTH Positive curriculum (social emotional learning).

    My educational background highlights my commitment to being a lifelong learner through various educational settings. After graduating high school, I attended and earned an associate of arts degree in liberal arts from Santa Monica College. Thereafter, I transferred to UCLA where I earned my bachelor’s degree in sociology. Following, I then decided to pursue my professional endeavor in the area of education by earning a master’s degree in education, with an emphasizes in school counseling, from Loyola Marymount University. I entered the educational workforce as a teacher/school counselor, which I served for more than a decade. After serving in various educational leadership experiences, I then decided to attended San Jose State University, where I was able to complete the administrative service credential program. Most recently, I earned my educational doctorate degree in educational leadership for social justice from CSU East Bay. My research topic was on the impact of systemic reform on school counseling programs and school counselors.

    As I look back on my own personal experiences, I can recall the impact my teachers and counselors had on me. I was involved in sports and music, I took part in the school band, jazz band, and marching band. I learned to play various instruments, the trumpet was my instrument of choice. Sports has been part of my life and in middle & high school I participated in football, wrestling, track and field. I also coached high school football and track & field for 10 years. I continue to embrace the arts and athletics in any way I can.

    I am honored to serve the Miwok Valley community.  My passion, educational and professional experiences drive my work ahead.  It is my belief that every student should have access to the full spectrum of academia, athletics and arts.  I look forward to my work with all stakeholders and the continued partnerships, which will drive Miwok Valley students to excellence.

    In service,

    Julio Villalobos, Ed.D.