• Leadership:

    Co-Presidents: Cristina Letsch and Lori Walker

    Vice President: Mallory Loewenthal

    Treasurer: Marsha Ludwig

    Recording Secretary: Kasia Marelich

    Correspondence, Secretary: TBD

    Social Media Coordinator: Jaimee Faith


    Please direct any inquiries to oapto@oldadobe.org
    All communication received at this address will be routed to the correct person.


    Board Role Descriptions:



    • Shall preside at all meetings of the organization; shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and perform all such duties as are required.
    • Shall set the agenda at least one week in advance of the general meeting. Preferably before the Newsletter is issued and prior to the next PTO Meeting. The agenda should be attached to the Newsletter, if this is not possible send it home by itself. The President works with the Corresponding Secretary to create the agenda.
    • Shall be kept aware of all problems and progress of each committee chairperson.
    • Shall be the primary name on the signature card for the checking account and shall be authorized to sign checks and open the account.
    • Shall have available to the membership a current working budget of the PTO.
    • Shall have charge of all papers.
    • Shall set a meeting in June with the Board of Directors and Standing Committees to review, assess needs and project financial needs for the upcoming year.
    • Shall set PTO calendar of events for the upcoming year at the June meeting or during the summer if needed.
    • Shall conduct voting by written ballot, as needed.


    Vice President:

    • Shall in the absence of the President, exercise all of the functions of the President.
    • Shall have copies of the Constitution and Bylaws of the organization prepared for distribution to all
    • Shall at the beginning of each school year, be responsible for the preparation and coordination of an Emergency Phone List.
    • Shall support/assist the President throughout the school year as needed.
    • Shall countersign checks as authorized.
    • Shall be responsible for ensuring each class has a Room Parent or Head Room Representative to assist the teachers in various capacities (parties, field trips, class volunteers).


    Recording Secretary:

    • Shall record the minutes and submit them to the President for review and approval.
    • Shall be provided with copies of the working budgets and minutes for the PTO and School Site Council as needed.
    • Shall read the minutes at the regularly scheduled meeting ONLY if a change in the minutes is requested.
    • Shall submit copies of the minutes to the school newsletter for publication.
    • Shall supply members with copies of the minutes of all regular meetings.


    Corresponding Secretary:

    • Shall be responsible for the writing of the News & Views section of the school Newsletter for each publication. Each article should be reviewed by the PTO President prior to submission to the editor for publication.
    • Shall be responsible for the creation of a monthly calendar of school and related school district events. The goal is to provide parents and faculty a comprehensive view of school events at least one month prior to those events. The calendar must be reviewed by the school principal at least one week prior to publication. (This time is needed to be able to make appropriate changes to the calendar). This calendar will be sent home with the newsletter every month delineating the events for the next month. The first newsletter in September should contain calendars for both September and October. October's first newsletter should contain November's calendar, etc.
    • Shall carry on such correspondence as is required.
    • Shall supply staff with minutes of all regular meetings.



    • Shall pay invoices within the discount terms of the invoice presented for payment, and if a discount term does not apply then payment shall be made in a timely manner.
    • Shall countersign checks as are authorized.
    • Shall not make payments of organizational funds for the commitments made by any individual or committee unless such disbursement is specifically authorized by a vote of the active membership before commitment is made or is an approved budgeted expense.
    • Shall supply the Board of Directors and active membership with a working budget of the PTO's projected income and expenses for the fiscal year.
    • Shall present a financial statement, on a monthly basis, to the PTO officers and active membership that includes all income and expenses compared to budget as of the most current date possible. Shall also be responsible for the accuracy of the reporting of cash receipts and cash disbursements on those financial statements.
    • Shall have on hand a listing of cash receipts and cash disbursements for each fund within the PTO bank account.
    • Shall ensure all monies/cash receipts are deposited in the PTO's bank account in a timely manner.
    • Shall be responsible for preparing or soliciting assistance in preparing both the Federal and State tax return within the time specified by law for timely filing.


    Board of Directors:

    • Shall consist of the current officers with voting privileges and the immediate Past-President as a non-voting member.
    • Shall be charged with the direction of the organization.
    • Shall make recommendations to the organization.