• Old Adobe Charter School is a small school with a big heart. Families and staff work closely together to create a special place to learn and grow. Old Adobe truly is a place where, "everyone knows your name." We are a unique school with a challenging charter.  Our charter features integrating the arts into all curricular areas and teaching ecology through a school-wide edible garden.  We feature strong academics taught in ways allow creativity and are in line with how the brain learns best.

    Our Vision

    The vision of the OAECS is to provide an educational experience that creates knowledgeable, caring, and responsible young people. The curriculum at OAECS will be well-rounded and infused with the arts while establishing values leading to responsible treatment of the environment. The OAECS will produce students who can express themselves in many ways.

    Students will use dance, drama, visual arts, theater, writing, technology and other means to demonstrate their learning and express their creativity. Our students will know how to be leaders in learning situations, treat those around them with respect, resolve conflict, and become part of their community. OAECS will instill in our students the required learning as well as foster creativity and responsibility.

    Charter School

    Old Adobe School became a conversion charter school two years ago. We are still very much a part of the Old Adobe Union School District and because we are a charter school we are able to provide some professional development for our teachers, art-based experiences for all of our students, and workshops for our parents. You can read our charter application here.

    You are welcome to call the school office and see what all the excitement is about. The parents who come and see what is happening at Old Adobe are very impressed at the learning our students are involved in. We look forward to seeing you.

    Read our brochure to learn more about our charter school.