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  • La Tercera Elementary School is the first elementary STEM school in Sonoma County. As a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) focused school, we are creating the next generation of innovators. We offer your child different ways of learning with a "hands-on” approach to learning. With pride, energy, engagement, perseverance and ownership of learning, our La Tercera students prepare for the future using out-of-the-box thinking to do amazing things as a student in our learning community. We offer a dedicated science lab and science teacher funded by our ASK Foundation. With project based learning, and Pearson Project STEM deeply embedded in our classroom core curriculum, our teachers and staff have created a learning community that is preparing students for 21st Century careers and college readiness.

    Our vision for our students is bold and bright. La Tercera graduates will be independent and collaborative solution seekers who are resilient, respectful, academically successful and responsible citizens of the world. We accomplish this mission because we have committed professionals, from teachers to campus aides, who are passionate about their calling. School is not just a place where we work, it is a place to change the world by impacting the lives of the children in our care. At La Tercera, we value the close bond we have with parents. We understand that home and school relationships are essential to student success. Parents in the classroom, parents on field trips and parents as members of PTA; your child knowing you are an active collaborator in their learning community is very important.

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