Katie Mammen, Director of Curriculum

Michele Gochberg, Resource Curriculum Teacher 2012-2013

The Old Adobe Union School District has an active Curriculum Council that works closely with the Director of Curriculum and instructional staff across the district. 

The children of Old Adobe have four wonderful schools to attend with each school focusing on raising the level of student engagement and performance.

Curriculum Information

The curriculum taught in the Old Adobe Union School District supports student learning and achievement by providing an academic foundation emphasizing the mastery of essential learnings within a challenging curriculum. Outstanding curriculum and instruction is a priority of the district.

All curriculum is selected based upon evaluation and selection of current and rigorous instructional materials which support all students in their learning. Evaluation of programs and assessment of student learning takes place annually. Teachers at all schools are provided with the same core instructional materials, staff development, and assessment tools. This consistency and continuity affords the district the opportunity to carefully evaluate programs and student learning.

We strive to bring a balance between high challenge and support to encourage every child to achieve his or her personal best and to foster a passion for learning. 

Core Curriculum

The basic instructional programs we use are:

Language Art: MacMillan McGraw Hill

  • New English Language Arts Adoption, MacMillan McGraw Hill Treasures 

Mathematics: enVision Math

  • enVision Math offers an interactive mathematics program that is designed to help students make visual/verbal connections.  Students enjoy online resources and a daily web based introduction to each leasson.

Writing: Wonders of Writing

  • Wonders of Writing is a program unique to Old Adobe Schools that produces strong writers by the end of 6th grade. We assess writing progress three times a year and annually honor our top writers in grades 2-6.  We have found that even kindergarten children have a need to communicate ideas and concepts that they have discovered from experience.  For this reason personal narrative is a key genre for the primary grades. For more information on the Six Traits of Excellent Writers see:

Science: MacMillan/McGraw Hill --2008

Social Studies: MacMillan/McGraw Hill—2007

Meeting the Needs of All Children

  • Response to Intervention (RTI): Response to intervention integrates assessment and intervention within a multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement. Beginning in 2010 our teachers have identified children at risk for poor learning outcomes so that they can monitor student progress and adjust the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student’s responsiveness.

Supplemental Curriculum

  • Arts Attack:  This video based art program brings outstanding art instruction into every classroom. 
  • Visual Thinking Strategies: This critical thinking program exposes children to over 125 fine art prints beginning in kindergarten.  Children learn early to back up opinions with evidence from the pictures and how to think about complex ideas and different viewpoints. 
  • Brummit-Taylor Listening Program: Our students enjoy a daily lesson in music appreciation designed to help children listen to classical music. This program is provided by the Santa Rosa Symphony. 
  • Accelerated Reader: This web based reading incentive program encourages children to use the school libraries and to remember what they read. Children choose books of interest and then take comprehension tests to demonstrate that they have read the books.