School Accountability Report Cards
School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) are state required documents provided for all schools. 
SARC documents provide information on curriculum, financial information, school culture, student achievement, student demographics, teacher experience and facilities.  Please click on the appropriate link below.                        

SARC for 2009-2010 School Year Published in 2010-2011:

La Tercera Elementary 2010-11 Spanish
La Tercera Elementary 2010-2011 English
Miwok Valley Elementary 2010-2011 Spanish
Miwok valley Elementary 2010-11 English
Old Adobe Elementary 2010-2011
Sonoma Mountain Elementary 2010-11

SARC for 2010-2011 School Year Published in 2011-2012:

LT SARC 111-12.pdf
LT Span SARC 11-12.pdf
MV SARC 11-12.pdf
MV Span SARC 11-12.pdf
OA SARC 11-12 pdf
OA Span SARC 111-12.pdf
SM SARC 11-12.pdf
SM Span SARC 11-12 .pdf

SARC for 2011-2012 School Year Published in 2012-2013:

LT Span 12-13 for 11-12.pdf
LT Eng 12-13 for 11-12.pdf
MV Span 12-13 for 11-12.pdf
MV Eng 12-13 for 11-12.pdf
OA Eng 12-13 for 11-12.pdf
SM Eng 12-13 for 11-12.pdf
SM Span 12-13 for 11-12.pdf

SARC FOR 2012-2013 School Year Published in 2013-2014:

LT English 13-14 for 12-13 .pdf
LT Spanish 13-14 for 12-13.pdf
LV English 13-14 for 13-14.pdf 
LV Spanish 13-14 for 13-14.pdf
MV English 13-14 for 12-13.pdf
MV Spanish 13-14 for 12-13.pdf
OA English 13-14 for 12-13.pdf
OA Spanish 13-14 for 12-13.pdf
SM English 13-14 for 12-13.pdf
SM Spanish 13-14 for 12-13.pdf

LT=La Tercera Elementary School
LV=Loma Vista Immersion Academy Charter School (New in 2013-2014)
MV=Miwok Valley Language Academy Charter School
OA=Old Adobe Elementary Charter School
SM=Sonoma Mountain Elementary Charter School

Hard Copies are available to view at the District Office and at each school office.
Please contact each school directly with any questions.