Emergency Information
The Old Adobe Union School District, (OAUSD) and all of the sites within the district work to prepare for the event of an emergency that might impact one or all of our sites.  We are also working as part of a network of schools in the Petaluma area.  This effort has been funded through a grant coordinated by Patricia Souza of The Petaluma City School District.
Our schools, as well as families, need to plan for the event of an emergency. 
The OAUSD has prepared a parent guide for you to use so that you can have the information you will need for knowing the procedures of the schools and how to get information in an emergency.  Click here to read this guide.
There are many great resources for emergency preparedness.  Here are some to start with and we will add more.
Community Preparedness
California Shake Out
 Department of Education

If you would like to help your school plan for an emergency, share your talents, or help plan, please check with the office of your school.  It is a big job and we appreciate your help.