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 Welcome to Old Adobe Union School District!

The Old Adobe Union School District is located in southern Sonoma County and serves the children, parents, and community on the east side of Petaluma, California.

With “Excellence for Learning” as our mission, our vision is one of establishing high expectations in an environment of caring and nurturing where each child achieves his or her personal best. Staff members in this system are proactive, efficacious and resourceful about improving student learning and raising expectations; at the same time they are accountable to their students, parents, and principals.

The District's dedicated faculty and staff provide an excellent learning environment for close to 1,700 kindergarten through sixth grade students that attend its five elementary schools and up to 24 preschool students in our kindergarten readiness program. Additionally, the district  provides a unique opportunity for intercultural learning through its Spanish/English Dual Immersion program, as well as fostering a passion for learning with its varied standards based programs that include arts infused teaching and a focus on critical and creative thinking.
Please go to District Information, click on District Policies and Regulations. This takes you to the California School Board Association Log in to Gamut Online, the user name is oldadobe and the password is public. Please call Dawn Walker at 707-765-4322 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Current News
Kindergarten and Open Enrollment Student Registration for the 2014-2015 School Year begins Monday, January 13, 2014. Please go to the Registration tab above for detailed information and forms.  Registrations will be accepted at the student's school of residence between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. Inter district transfer registrations should go to their school of choice to register. Please refer questions to Old Adobe Union School District Office, 707-765-4322. 

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I would and will highly recommend La Tercera Elementary School to any family that wants the best academically as well as community relationships with their children.
Tina Lanzavecchia
La Tercera Parent

La Tercera's focus on STEM and Project Based Learning provides an engaging and exciting environment for my two boys. Our STEM-based family nights have been a wonderful way to bring our community together while exploring creative and fun learning experiences. Kelli Whyte, La Tercera Parent

As a parent and active PTA member, with a third grader and sixth grader at Miwok, I have had the joy of watching my kids learn and grow through various programs and events. From the Reading programs to Safe School Ambassadors and the always enjoyable school musical, they really learn in a positive and fun way.
Jenny Piper
Miwok Valley Parent

Miwok has provided my child with such incredible academic support; she started behind in Kindergarten having not attended pre-school. She was given the special attention she needed to excel and had all A's and B's on her last report card. It was the dedication ofthe teachers focus on basic language development that ensured that she succeeded and was able to excel.
Schaloe Selna
Miwok Valley Parent 4th Grade Student

The excellent teachers at Old Adobe have challenged my children while building a love for learning…I have found just what I was looking for. I have found Old Adobe to offer rigorous learning that leads to high test scores. I have also found a school that is a tightly-knit community where children love to learn and grow. While I live in Old Adobe’s attendance area I would tell anyone that Old Adobe is a great place for children and a place where parents are not only welcome, but vital to the school’s success.
Old Adobe Parent

Sonoma Mountain School’s Kindergarten is a comprehensive, hands-on program that reflects the school’s overall philosophy and dedication of developing well rounded students. By way of teachers and staff collaborating together to deliver academic excellence within a nurturing environment, my children are ready to continue their learning journey successfully, well demonstrated by my junior high school son. I know that my daughter will also continue being successful after leaving Sonoma Mountain School with such a solid foundation.
Elena Ditizio
Sonoma Mountain parent of 6th grader

For me, La Tercera was a very rewarding educational experience on many levels. I believe early education allows a student to be able to not only learn subject skills, but life skills in general… Words can’t express the gratitude and feelings I have for my Elementary experience, so I’ll simply smile, and say thank you!
Evan Girdler
La Tercera Alumni

Miwok was an unbelievable cultural experience. Exposing your children to a multicultural environment that is much like the real world is very important. Coming from a family that has both Mexican and American heritage, this was very important to our family and has paid off in so many ways.
Kelly Flores
Miwok Valley Parent

I can't say enough great things about the kindergarten program at Sonoma Mountain. All three of my children thrived in their first year at this school. The teachers are warm and inviting and have a fun way of introducing the students to the curriculum. Sonoma Mountain Elementary is a wonderful community of teachers, staff, students and parents coming together with the common goal of complete student success. Not only setting high academic standards, but supporting programs such as music, fitness, art, enrichment delivers an ideal education.
Shannon Laubscher
Old Adobe Parent of Kindergarten, 2nd and 5th grader

El kindergarten de Sonoma Mountain es un programa que refleja la filosofía de la escuela de desarrollar estudiantes en el aspecto tanto académico como personal. Debido a que los maestros colaboran juntos, mis hijos están preparados para continuar con éxito su carrera estudiantil, como ya lo demuestra mi hijo en la escuela secundaria. Así mismo, sé que mi hija también continuará desarrollando satisfactoriamente debido a la alta calidad académica que los maestros le proveen dentro de un ambiente cálido y seguro en la Escuela Elemental Sonoma Mountain.
Padre de Sonoma Mountain

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