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Technology Update - Google Classroom

Hello Everyone,

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Google Classroom. Craig and I got together to crank out a setup video to walk you through how to get started. Please view it below! This will be replacing the Folders that we used last year to share content with students. We will support both this year, looking at a transition to Google Classroom entirely next year.


Technology Spotlight 1

Hello Everyone,

This will hopefully be the first in a long series of Technology Spotlights at OAUSD. The focus of these will be to ask three very simple questions that will lead to sharing the awesome work that goes on in our classrooms and helping to expand horizons for others. This is especially aimed at helping me understand how to help on a level greater than I currently am able to understand.


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2014/15 Camp Navarro

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8 Mathematical Practices in the Common Core

By Meghan Everetteon March 15, 2013 #1 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them What it means: Understand the problem, find a way to attack it, and work until it is done. Basically, you will find practice standard #1 in every math problem, every day. The hardest part is pushing students to solve tough problems by applying what they already know and to monitor themselves when problem-solving. Own it: Give students tough tasks and let them work through them.



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